Luxury Metrol High Gloss

  • Information Water-based paint for metal, especially for galvanized steel
  • Features Use directly to the metal without using primer, provides protection against weathering, and harsh environmental elements
  • Warranty 3-5 Years
  • Usage Galvanized steel, Wood, etc.
  • Packaging Size 15 Liters, 4 Liters, 1 Liter
  • Coverage 5-6 m2 / 1L (2 coats)


Company Address

#138, St.271, Beoung Salang, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.

Tel: (+855) 17 661 961

Email: [email protected]

About Us

Luxury Paint is a well-known paint in the country, we are currently importing the best quality paint in Cambodia. With the advancement of technology, as well as to provide a product that is innovative and based on customer needs, we have a computer-assisted color mixing machine that can mix more than 100,000 colors, which facilitates the distribution process. Reaching customers is easier and faster.

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