Luxury Elephants Tile Adhesive Premium Gold

  • Information High-performance thin layer, flexible cementitious tiling adhesive mortar containing cement, selected fine-grain aggregates, and specialty chemical additives. Provides excellent bonding strength and can be used for adhering to all types of tiles.
  • Features Easy to use, only mix with water. Excellent bonding strength, resist all weather conditions and vibrations. Tiles can be adjusted within 20 minutes after application. Suitable for floors and walls, interior and exterior.
  • Usage All types of tiles and stone, immersed areas such as a swimming pool, wall, and floor. Types of substrate: concrete, mortar, fiber cement, plywood.
  • Packaging Size 20Kg


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Luxury Paint is a well-known paint in the country, we are currently importing the best quality paint in Cambodia. With the advancement of technology, as well as to provide a product that is innovative and based on customer needs, we have a computer-assisted color mixing machine that can mix more than 100,000 colors, which facilitates the distribution process. Reaching customers is easier and faster.

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